Seek for unitiy


The move is a shift from previous years, when the race for City Mayor has been decided in advance of national elections. Under the new format, voting will use two different systems: an electronic system will be used for local elections with paper ballots used for the general elections.

The news was met with fierce criticism from his coalition allies, with a host of Juntos por el Cambio heavyweights taking to social media to denounce the decision.

By mid-April, all of the coallition’s leading figures were playing down talk of a permanent break or fracture. Macri said that the opposition “has to be able to get over the row” and that he hoped there was no long-term damage to the coalition over the row. Sources close to Rodríguez Larreta also played down tensions, with Bullrich refusing to pass further comment on the issue. Vidal said that “one disagreement” did not equal “a rupture”.



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