Libertarian turn

Libertarian hopeful confident that he will win Argentina’s Presidency in a second-round run-off, forecasting a triumph over opposition or ruling coalition, no matter who the candidate.

Libertarian presidential hopeful, Javier Milei, was the candidate who won the most votes in the 2023 PASOs, winning primary elections in 16 provinces nationwide.

The impressive performance by the La Libertad Avanza leader compares favourably with the ruling and oppositons coalitions, Unión por la Patria and Juntos por el Cambio, who won in five and three districts respectively.

Harnessing Milei’s propular appeal, he or his party finished second in all five of all the regions (Buenos Aires Province and the central-northern provinces of Santiago del Estero, Chaco and Formosa) in which the ruling Peronist coalition came out on top, forcing the opposition into the third place.

Juntos por el Cambio will be hoping for a stronger perfomance in the October 22 general elections, having won only three districts: its stronghold, Buenos Aires City, and the provinces of Entre Ríos and Corrientes. In these regions, Peronism came second and Milei, third – areas the libertarian may not target, in order to increase his party’s share of the vote.


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